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Providing you with the best Quality of Health Care at Home

Affinity Home Care Services is a family owned home healthcare agency. Compassion for others and for the betterment of healthcare gave growth to the business. Our services can surpass the definition of “care” by providing patients with quality customer service from experienced professionals. All members of the business have combined their expertise in Physical Therapy, Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Business Administration in order to generate services that emphasizes in the sincerity of caring for others.

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Affinity Home Care Services provides the highest care, professional, and medically supervised skilled services in the comfort and privacy of the patients home.

Skilled Nursing Care

We provide exceptional and professional Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) with multiple years experience. Our skilled nursing care works together with the patient's physician's and family members to support and manage their medical-decision processes. These include, but not limited to:

  •  Assessment of Medical Condition   

  • Organizing and Managing Daily Medications

  • Health Evaluation and Procedures        

  • Wound Care and Changing Dressings

  • Safety Assessments​

  • Monitoring Vital Signs

  • Assist with Bathing, Grooming, Eating and other Daily Live Activities

  • And other services    

Skilled Therapy

The goal of our Physical Therapy is for the patient to regain strength,mobility and independence. Our professional and experienced physical therapists will visit the patient in the comfort of their own home to establish 

routine and daily activities towards the patients physical goals.

24/7 Care

We have professional and qualified medical staff providing you with 24/7 care.

  • Physical Therapy

  • Evalaution for Safety

  • Balance and Strength Training

  • Evaluation and Treatment

  • Establish Home Exercises programs

  • Use wheelchair, walker or cane effectively

  • Assist Patients to Normal Function to Improve Quality of Life

Contact Us

 Physical Address:

7852 S. Dupont Highway Suite 1B

Felton, DE 19943


Mailing Address:

                   55 Lockerman Plaza

                        PO Box 535

                     Dover, DE 19903


                    +1 (302) 264-9363



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